First of all I have to say that the MK4 Supras are iconic and nothing will take that away from it. My gripes start with uneducated fanboys that skyrocketed the price of a wonderful tuner classic because they set unrealistic expectations and it all usually comes down to that damn ferrari race scene. I don't know why Fanboys think it's the only car that can beat a super car with mods when almost every modern muscle, Japanese and euro car is capable of doing this(of course with mods). Also they tend to be a little overrated because YouTube is full of 1000hp supras but in reality the ones I've seen in person are nowhere near close to those numbers (usually 450-600hp for a streetable one) and I live in Texas. All that being said I had the chance to ride in one that had bolt ons with putting down 450 to the wheel, it was properly fast and the 2JZ sounds glorious, the 2 step was loud as shit. It does turn more heads than most supercars. With that out of the way here are the ways it compares to an V8 4th gen F body and new edge cobras:

They all:

-have a lot of plastic in the interior (Toyota did assemble the interior much better though)

-2+2 seating (back seats are useless on all of them)

-similar in size and weight

-not known to take corners although all are super moddable in that department.

-they all feel like GT cars and are great highway cruisers

-amazing drivetrains with insane aftermarket support

My argument is:

The impression that orange Supra made in the first FnF movie for most people was a car that is capable of beating super cars because it wakes up rather easy with mods. I think it was more relevant back in the day but now technology has gotten better and there are simply more 2nd hand options that can offer 90% of the experience of a MK4 Supra aside from noise and public attention. Shit even a TT 300zx gets as many stares, is a Japanese classic, a GT car and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Intake tune and smaller pulley termis are usually as fast as most tuned supras. h/c/i LS1 F bodies are dirt cheap compared to the Supra and much faster dollar for dollar, and turbo f bodies are on par performance wise with even some of the fastest street supras for a lower cost.

Still love the Supra, don't kill me pls