Ok, so here's the deal: I was searching the online used inventory of my local Bentley dealer's website yesterday when I came across one of my dream cars, an Aston Martin Rapide (don't judge).

Now, while we're always in the market for another car, something in the "super car" variety wasn't exactly on the radar for the next few years. However, this model (a 2011 with 69,000 miles) is priced at $75,000 - within reach.

I think I know the answer to these questions, but could use the assurance. How much of a pain in the ass is an Aston Martin with this many miles going to be? And most importantly, how astronomically expensive is the maintenance and upkeep going to be?

Just to provide some further context: My partner and I currently have two cars - an '04 911 cabriolet and a '15 X5. He travels out of town Mon-Thur, so the only time we potentially need two cars is Fri-Sun (and we typically spend Sat-Sun) together. If it's nice out / not raining (we live in Southern US), the 911 is usually being driven. For longer road trips (4 - 6 hours) we usually take the X5 (although take the 911 from time to time).

My commute to work is currently very short, but will be getting longer, as we've just purchased a large property out of the city. I may also be getting a lease through work around this time (but still up in the air).

My preference is to keep the X5 so we have one current, fully warrantied and dependable car that also offers some much needed utility. The other option is to ditch the X5 in place of the Aston Martin. Maybe you will all tell me that is a tremendously reliable and bulletproof car, but I doubt it. That would also leave us with very little practice utility at a time when we'll need it (a lot of projects planned at new property).

All thoughts and comments greatly appreciated.