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Thread: v12 is amazing

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    v12 is amazing

    Squad is turning out just as I hoped it would, suppression is amazing, damage models on vehicles is amazing, persistent ammo is changing up the gameplay a lot more than I expected in a good way. New map is amazing, new yeho is amazing.

    Last round I had an infantry squad supported by 2 MRAPs, they feel "resistant" now due to damage model changes. As we were defending village both MRAPs were hit in the front, injuring the driver and disabling the vehicle. Gunners could stay in the vehicle and take 1-2 more rocket hits before actually having to leave the vehicle. Amazing, I love it. (these were Open Top MRAPs)

    Firefights feel more immersive, thrilling, and less meat-grindy, thanks to the new suppression system and ammo having to be reserved. MG gunners actually feel like badasses and not just riflemen with more ammo. The more I play with the M4 the more I love the new sound, I disliked it at first but now I like it.
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