I replaced my left tail lights (Red) assembly because this one that I am now offering showed a little humidity penetration after high pressure carwash (a well known problem of this kind of AM item).
This unit, that I kept as a precious spare (because of the extremely high price of a new one), has been carefully checked , but it did not visually show any cracks or leaks, so my technician re-sealed all around the inside perimeter, and , for extra safety , drilled two invisible 1,5 mm holes in the bottom, so to help, just in case, the unit to dry up quickly ; those small holes are well hidden , it's impossible to see them from an outside point of view. We also tested the lights, they all work just perfectly, and the glass is perfect as new.
I am now selling this spare part because in the meanwhile I sold my Vantage, so now I do not need it anymore. I am asking 300 USD , or 250 Euro, as you prefer.
From some AM forums I understand that this part is also suitable for DB9 , but it's better if you check this information.
If you need pictures, please email me, dercolesergio@gmail.com
For shipping from Italy, where I live, I can eventually check, but I think that it will much cheaper if you do it yourself, and give instructions to your preferred Courier to pick it up from here.