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    Cool Newby owner from the Uk

    Hello fellow Aston Martin owners.

    I am soon to take delivery of a late registered 2004-04 plated Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante V12 T/Tronic.

    She is Black in colour and only has 36000 miles on the clock from new. I will be the 7th owner on paper and the last 2 previous owners were senior Metropolitan Police Officers who both knew each other im told.

    My Aston to be has the later GTa alloys fitted to her which are shod with the recommended Bridgestone Potenza S0-2 tyres all around.

    She has a full and detailed service history also and was recently inspected by an Aston Martin works engineer for a guy who was going to export the car to Australia. Sadly the importation was refused due to emmision laws which is why i have bought her from the dealer in the UK ( England).

    She has also got the full after fit stainless steel sports exhaust system fitted which makes her growl alot and sounds awesome with it.

    This is my first Aston Martin i have owned and im looking forward to enjoying her fingers crossed with NO trouble. My last car was a Bentley RT 400 Mulliner. I am a long standing classic and performance car enthusiast and i tend to own nice cars for afew years at a time then move onto the next one on my list of dream cars to own hence this Aston.

    I have 2 x technical questions to ask please, 1. I have bought a wooden gear selector lever to replace the black leather one fitted
    2. I have bought a wooden touchtronic steering wheel/airbag to replace the standard leather item

    Has anyone fitted these items recently or in the past and are they an easy job to do??? I am a mechanic by trade so not alot is past my remit and i have changed afew airbags in my time always making sure to disconnect the battery first and wait for 15-30 mins to alow any power to drain off.

    I would appreciate it if anyone knows the correct proceedures for changing of both of the above items and if i will have to have my airbag light re-set or not after re-fitting?? Usually in my experience the airbag light has never come on when ive changed a airbag steering wheel on both my Bentley and my Daimler Jaguar.

    All the same i would appreciate any advice from a fellow enthusiast or Aston techie.

    My plans for the car are to use as a toy only in the summer months and to take to classic car shows and alike ONLY. During poor weather she will be securely stored in my heated garage under her bespoke Aston car cover.

    Being a last of the line and late 2004 registered model i suspect all the gremlins were ironed out by this time and they are a pretty robust car to own and run.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone about my questions.

    Best regards, V12 Volante man

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    My experience with the DB7 is slim but I want to welcome you to the site and say congrats! Please post photos when you get 'er in!

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    Will do and thanks.

    V12 volante man.

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