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Thread: Service history

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    Service history

    I'm looking for some advice I am looking at a Vantage V8 the car is 7 years old 14000 miles but hasn't been serviced for the last 4 years , should I buy the car?

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    Astons typically 'require' an annual service to be up to date on the service records. It concerns me that it hasn't been serviced not because of the car, but potential neglect from the owner. Has it had any fluids changed (ie oil?) in the 4 years? One could easily flush everything and do the basic checks on a car if it has a significant discount to others. However, if there isn't a huge discount, why not wait and find another?

    Good luck! The Aston is a beautiful, and beautifully sounding car to drive!!

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    thanks thats good advice will give the car a miss and keep looking


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    Best of luck on the search!

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    I would also agree with Alvin here. No service history usually means poorly maintained car.

    Having now found my ultimate DB7 vantage volante i am very happy with the car and the deal i got with it from the supplying dealer. I am picking the car up this Friday all being well.

    Looking forward very much to the drive home albeit the weather here in England is pretty rubbish. Good job it has NEW tyres on her too!!!!!!!

    v12 volante man

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