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    UK fuel grade - any thoughts?

    Hi all

    Any thoughts about fuel grade / octane rating?

    I've got a V8S - I'm wondering if people think there is a need to go for higher octane "super unleaded" or just regular unleaded?

    Prior to a track day, I'd probably fill a couple of times with "super" (why not, after all), but for normal road miles, do people think regular unleaded is fine?

    Cheers, Stu

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    Hi Stu,

    I'm unsure how to answer your question as I live in the states but I wanted to formally welcome you to the site!


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    Hi Alvin

    Many thanks - much appreciated!
    Just out of interest, what's the grade of gas you use for your cars in the US?
    Do you use the sort of "standard" grade that everyone uses for normal cars, or does everyone try to fill up with a higher grade?
    I know our pump petrol has a different rating system, but I might be able to work out an equivalent grade to what we have over here.

    Cheers, Stu

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    We have an 87, 89 and 91. For almost all premium cars or ones with sporty engines, always go for the premium 91 here. There is also harder to find 100 but that isn't necessary.

    However, I do believer our gasoline is a LOT cheaper here in the states.

    1 gallon is 3.78 liters

    Even in San Francisco, California where the price of gas is one of the highest in the nation, premium is about $4/gallon. That equates to about $1.06/liter of fuel, or about 0.62 british pounds per liter

    In a way, got to pay to play. How much premium are we talking about for you? There isn't much a difference in price between 87 and 91 here (maybe 40-50 cents/gallon), or about $6-8 per fillup

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    Unless the engine is specifically tuned for it I doubt it will make any difference. I use Shell V Power in my V8 Vantage through force of habit. I had a 2008 Mitsubishi EVO X and was instructed to use 98 or above and failure to do so would invalidate pat of the engine warranty. Whilst I expect running the EVO on 98 or above would help to enhance engine longevity (it was a turbo engine squeezing a lot of bhp out of a small capacity) I am not sure whether it made any difference to performance. A while back BP had a selection of garages in the UK that offered 102 octane (or 100 not sure now) on the forecourt. one was in Portsmouth which I passed quite often so I decided to investigate. BP told me not to bother unless my engine had been tuned to take it, otherwise simply a waste of money.

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