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    Looking to buy my first AM V8V

    I am currently in the market for a used Vantage V8. Having never owned an Aston Martin before I am looking for some potential buying tips from current or previous owners of the V8V.
    1. 4.3L vs 4.7L: Is the 4.7L worth the extra $$$
    2. Are there any known problems with the V8V?
    3. Manual or Auto?: I have owned both, I prefer Auto as I do alot of city driving and this car will become my daily.. However I have seen that the Auto can be problematic in Aston Martins.
    4. Servicing: Intervals, Costs (minor, major, parts etc)
    5. After market support? I would like to do minor cosmetic and exhaust modifications, is there much aftermarket support?

    Thank-you in advance

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    Hi Nik and welcome to the site!

    I'll try my best to answer your questions. First of all, congrats on starting the search for a V8 Vantage. You really can't go wrong.

    I went through the same process in 2011 and decided on my V8 Vantage N420. It has the 4.7L and i couldn't be happier. I did similar research and concluded that it would be best to go with the 4.7 not only for resale value but also for the added torque. Most people who have driven both have noticed that over the HP difference. The premium may not be too much for the extra power.

    My Vantage over the first 5500 miles have had no problem except for brake squeal from my rear brakes. My dealership is more than happy to "depolish" them whenever. Other than that, I haven't had a single issue!

    I test drove the V8 Vantage S and the standard. The S 7-speed sportshift was indeed smooth, but I felt that the current V8 standard models with Sportshift I were also very good. For a car (vs motorcycle), I prefer to be "lazy" as I live in a metropolitan area with many steep hills, hence going with the sportshift. I never drive in auto and am always in sport mode + manual paddle shift. I never get tired of the downshifts!

    There are annual checkups which are very minor (or something like..every 10k miles) I think the larger services are somewhere around 20k miles or so which is pretty nice.

    There are a lot of vendors for aftermarket (cosmetic and exhaust) out there. Although I haven't done any personally, I have definitely viewed several modified exhausts on youtube

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    Hi Nik,
    I'm in a 2007 V8 Vantage.
    So that's the 4.3 L engine with the 6 speed manual.
    Servicing is annual or every 16,000 kilometers (as good as 10,000 miles), whichever comes first.
    In New Zealand this service costs, on average, $900.
    I prefer the manual version that we have. The only modification that the car has is that we changed the rather diminutive manual gearshift knob to the large billet version from the V12 Vantage / DBS.
    It's a beautiful car to own. I hope to keep it for years to come.

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    Thank-you for the replies! I was originally looking at a new M3 but for the money I think I am better off with a low Km, used AM V8V. I am finding it hard to locate any "dirt" on the Vantage, other than clutch issues and some people complaining of a slight lack of torque in the 4.3L V8! Is there a year in particular to avoid? Do the newer models have more features or upgraded specs (other than the motor upgrade)? I noticed the 2007/2008 has a pretty average screen/Sat nav in it, does it improve in later models?
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    The nav was really just updated for the 2012+ models to Garmin units. Otherwise, they pretty much are the same. I rarely use mine since I don't like inputting addresses in general into a car (would rather use phone..!).

    After the 1st year, they improved the seats. Dave here owns a 2007 and couldn't be happier. I think you're pretty safe in all years. There are always improvements to sportshift so that is probably one place you'll find differences/advantages over the years.

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    Our '07 does not have sat nav. It was an option and I'm kind of glad that the first owner did not request it.
    Newer models have better brakes, different wheels (most would say much nicer wheels too). The central instrument column went through a significant rethink / cosmetic upgrade in around 2008 (from memory). For an entry level Aston, which is what the V8 Vantage is if we are honest, I am so glad that I've gone with this choice. I think the humble Vantage will hold its appeal for decades to come. Every journey in it is an event. The trip becomes about the drive as well as the destination and I believe that this appeal will be lost in such cars as any similarly priced BMW as time passes by. So if you're in this for the long haul you'll struggle to find a better option.

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    Thank-you! I have been doing a fair bit of research and all of the points you guys have raised have confirmed that these cars are excellent to own. In my research I have found a book that I must order http://www.astonmartinreview.co.uk/ have you guys seen this book?

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    I actually have the book that you've mentioned. Quite honestly I haven't flipped too much into it yet but I also heard it was a great guide when you want to know something

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    Alvin, can you tell me if the book contains buying tips for the V8V? I am really only looking to buy the book for this reason, as I am from Australia the ordering process is quite an ordeal especially if it is no real help. cheers

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