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    California members!

    Northern california over here

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    Californian members

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    Northern california over here
    Last year I went to Laguna Seca. I saw a beautiful Volante there ( I can't remember which model ). It was painted in Old English White ( cream, to you Americans ) with a chocolate brown interior. Not at all anything like an orthodox Aston colour scheme, it still looked marvellous. Mind you, my DB 9 is hardly orthodox - it is Oyster silver with a Red Oxide interior, a bit like the old Jaguars from the 1960's. On the train from San Jose to 'Frisco the track runs close to the road in many places. I saw three Astons ( two DB9's and a DB7 - all fixed head coupes ),
    So I guess that Astons are well represented in California.

    By the bye, I thought that Mark Twain said that it was San Francisco where he stated that the coldest winter he knew was the Summer he spent there. He could have said the same of Monterrey. Thank goodness the shops were still open at midnight so I could buy thick sweaters ; I'd have frozen to death otherwise !

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    It's true. San francisco is the coldest in the dead of summer! That's why it's known to be the fog city. I live in the heart of SF and get to experience it first hand. Luckily there are other places to escape to. The heat from the valleys drags the fog into the bay during the hot summer times (july/aug). Definitely have an Aston presence in the bay area. Hopefully we can connect several of us together! Always see some at the four seasons

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    Looks like I have finally found some California aston martin owners....what's the scoop on long term reliability and service costs....seriously considering trading my 07 bentley continental which has been an amazing car for a 2010 Rapide......

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