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    Help spread the word!

    If you know other Aston Martin owners, please help spread the word about this site. It'll be quite a process to gain traction here, I'm sure. However, I'm a firm believer from experience prior that if you make a great product for the end user, they will come

    Will be trying my hand at updating the Facebook page with daily photos of some sort. I'll start with ones I've taken.

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    Hi Alvin,

    Well done for starting this website. I run an Aston, Lagonda , a rare Alfa ( only 515 ever made ) and a BMW X5 V8.
    I have just joined this site and also belong to the AMOC. I wish this site the best of good fortune. I'd be more than happy to help you garner new members and could do so in numerous ways. One would be to feature your website in a free of charge advert on my business website along with a link directly into yours. If you are happy to reciprocate we can exchange more info.
    Salt Flat Rat.

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