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  1. Thank you my issue has been solved,...

    Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  2. Any DB9 owners? Care to offer honest reviews?

    Hello everyone,,

    Any DB9 owners?”

    “Get a M4”

    One of these things is not like the other lol.

    I like the M4, but my heart is set on an Aston..
  3. Replies

    v12 is amazing

    Squad is turning out just as I hoped it would, suppression is amazing, damage models on vehicles is amazing, persistent ammo is changing up the gameplay a lot more than I expected in a good way. New...
  4. Tell me why I shouldn't get a mid-2000s V8 Vantage...

    Hello everyone,,
    I need to be talked out of it.

    I've been looking at 996 twin turbos lately but just found a 2006 DB7 in the same price range locally. My old neighbor was a brand manager for...
  5. How is Aston Martin maintenance in general vs BMW and Mercedes?

    Hello everyone,,,
    I do NOT plan on getting an Aston Martin anytime soon. However would be a future goal possibly. How is the maintenance on these compared to a BMW or Mercedes?conversational spanish...
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